REKA: In A Cottage, In A Wood, A Little Of Witch At The Window Stood

Travel the country from the comfort of your own home in REKA - a cottage-building adventure with its roots in Slavic folklore.

I tried my best not to use a cottaging-based title for REKA, and you’ll be pleased to know that the moment has passed, so no puns will follow. Phew.

Fireshine Games (Lies of P, These Doomed Isles) and Emberstorm Entertainment have announced this Steam Early Access third-person adventure for early next year, where you play a Slavic witch travelling the land in her walking, magical cottage.

Fans of Howl’s Moving Castle may raise a brow, but the house on chicken legs is from Slavic folklore, and this RPG game full of crafting and exploration celebrates all that is quaint about living in a mobile cottage.

Have a look-see at the accompanying trailer for REKA here:

REKA should be available in Early Access in Q2, 2024. The link below is for wishlisting it.