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Recompile Is A 3D Hacking Game For Next-Gen

3D platforming hacking action, Recompile is coming to next-gen consoles as well as the PC.

This is where we’re heading – next-gen announcements as this 3D Metroidvania-like sci-fi platformer (phew!), is coming to the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X.

From developers Phigames and publisher Dear VillagersRecompile is a concoction of platforming, combat, hacking and super-powered abilities. The environment, as well as enemies, can be hacked, unleashing feats like time dilation and jetpacks.

Recompile - Hacked
Hack. Source: PR

I already have time dilation equipped – where did Tuesday and Wednesday go?

Recompile boasts a ‘dynamic narrative system based on play style’, which can result in multiple endings and repeat plays; the story focuses on you, a semi-sentient code trapped in The Mainframe ‘sprawling digital wasteland dead-set on deleting trespassers.’

Features include:

  • Metroidvania progression combined with a unique narrative branching system.
  • A range of futuristic weapons and super-powered abilities, including a jetpack.
  • Intense and intelligent combat 
  • Hack through environmental circuitry, logic gates & even enemies.
  • Multiple endings depending on play style.
  • Face colossal entities blocking your path to freedom 
  • Reactive soundtrack of blistering electro.

How’s about some gameplay for Recompile?

We’re just gonna have to watch the space for when the game is released. We don’t even know how much the consoles are gonna cost…

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