Rainswept Murder-Suicide Challenges Detective

A murder mystery DEVASTATES a small town in RAINSWEPT, coming to consoles this month

Rainswept is a mystery adventure with a slight Twin Peaks vibe, with console release dates this month.

Looking out my window seeing the sun makes highlights the Britishness in me by thinking ‘we could do with some rain’. A rain dance is off the cards as we can fast-track the deluge with Rainswept release date this month.

Featuring a staggered release over three days on the PS4, Xbox One and Switch, this mystery adventure from 2Awesome Studio (awesome name) and Frostwood Interactive is a reboot of a PC title from last year.

Rainswept - Nothing
There’s nothing to see here. Source: PR

With updated controls and a revamped save system, the story showcases the after-effects of a double shooting in a small town. Hardly cheery for a Monday morning, but it’s a poignant depiction that has already received acclaim on the PC.

As Detective Stone, you not only investigate the scene of the crime but discover the embroiled relationships and unsolved trauma. It’s considered a murder-suicide case, but further investigation may reveal something else.

‘Amy Blunt’ assists Stone along the way, and his ‘sanity will be pushed to the edge’. Before I mention Twin Peaks, take a look at the features:

  • An emotionally captivating story set in an immersive and atmospheric game world.
  • wide cast of characters with deep histories, meaningful motivations and distinct personalities.
  • An original detective noir story in the tradition of Twin Peaks, Luther or Memories of Murder
  • A moving original soundtrack by Micamic (Downfall, The Cat Lady, Lorelai).
  • Pine trees, coffee and rain. Lots of rain.

Here’s the original trailer:

Rainswept hits the PlayStation 4 first on the 21st of July, the following day is the Xbox One and last but not least, the Nintendo Switch.

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