All We Need Is, Radio Viscera, Radio…

A gutsy display of carnage in Fire-Face's upcoming shooter Radio Viscera, coming to Steam in Q3 2021. Wishlist it now!

Back from the intermission, here’s some new news that’s newsworthy news: Radio Viscera – a fast-paced arcade shooter without bullets? That could be a twist, and it’s essentially a football game, but no! It’s a game heading to Steam.

A shooter without bullets will have them running for the streets, recalling the times of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! But fear not, Johnny Public, you can cause plenty of carnage with an air cannon. You see, you indirectly remove any threats by sending them into deadly environmental hazards.

Radio Viscera - Bloody mess
Bloody mess. Source: Steam

From a top-down perspective, you’ll see an overview of each stage where the walls are your friends; well, frenemies. Dispose of anything in your way in Radio Viscera by punching holes through it with the best high-velocity gun since Eraser (the Arnie film).

Besides the wicked concept, Fire Face’s game (a solo dev) has me by the curlies with two bonuses: new outfits and an automatic GIF generator. Replays are always cool, but a GIF you can goad your mates with? Awethome!

Check out the gameplay below:

Radio Viscera is heading to Steam in Q3 2021, but this is on my radar, so I will aim to cover it in due course. In the meantime, you know what to do, and it sounds like lishwist.