Good Night, Knight

A bumper news piece, as not one but five new games coming out in 2020 from QubicGames in 2020. Much like a Nintendo Direct, QubicGames has compiled these upcoming games, all out on the Nintendo Switch.

Let’s break them down.


A cyberpunk, side-scrolling action game with RPG elements, Dex is a dystopian future set in Harbour Prime – a futuristic city that feels alive. Do I have the foresight or shifted in time to get a hands-on? No, but this was a title that came out on the PS4, and somehow I managed to play it for a short period. 

QubicGames - Dex - Nintendo Switch
DEXterity. Nah, that didn’t work. Source: PR

It has all the essential cyberpunk aesthetics and has a lot of depth to it too. Dex looks perfectly placed on the Switch as it lacks in the genre aside from games such as The Red Strings Club, and in this case, Dex ticks many of the boxes when it comes to variety.

First impressions? Mighty morphin’ body augin’.

Door Kickers

Real-time strategy games are also quite barren on the Switch. There’s no need for it really as they needn’t be too intense on resources, right? I’m not a developer, so I don’t know. What I do know is the next in the list is Door Kickers.

Door Kickers has already done the rounds on the PC and other platforms, but this will be the debut on the Switch. Lives matter in Door Kickers, as you play a crack team set to infiltrate, scout, and rescue hostages all to the beat of steel toecaps kicking down doors. 

Door Kickers
Dead body graffiti artist at large. Source: PR

First impressions? Rainbox Six meets Hotline Miami.

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus

Let’s see how many sentences I can write before mentioning God of War or Kratos. Ah. Godfire: Rise of Prometheus features one of my favourite historical figures outside of Benny Hill: Prometheus.

Good Night, Knight
God, almighty! Source: YouTube capture

The fire giver, as he is known in these parts, goes balls-out in this third-person action-adventure, very much in the mould of said PlayStation exclusive. That’s not a bad thing, and considering how great those games were, Godfire: Rise of Prometheus looks like something that will please the gods. Or titans.

First impressions: this doesn’t look like God of War.

Good Night, Knight

An ominous title, considering the name of this site. Let’s not shut it down, but cover this procedurally generated dungeon crawler. There’s no point gushing over every single title – you know by now my preferences of genre, but Good Night, Knight looks interesting.

Pixel art games are a little too common now, and it’s at the stage now where it should be a design choice rather than because it’s trending. Have a look at the trailer then, and you’ll see the artistic style is appropriate for the title as it’s very much tipping its top hat (or helmet) to games such as Zelda, or dare I say, Forager?

Good Night, Knight
Alright, knight? Source: YouTube capture

First impressions: let’s have an all-knighter and see where this takes us.

Real Boxing 2

Take on the role of a factory worker that works in a cardboard warehouse. That would be an interesting take on the world of boxing, but Real Boxing 2 focuses on the more popular slugfest of a sport.

It’s only a brief trailer, more a teaser, but Real Boxing 2 looks pretty cool. After some thorough detective work, i.e. entering ‘Real Boxing 2‘ into Google, unveiled that this was originally a mobile game and it has subsequently had a Rocky Balboa update. 

Without being influenced by other reviews, let’s just wonder until the release date whether we get to see any cries of “Adrian!” when it’s released on the Switch.

QubicGames - Real Boxing 2
Setting up for a backhand. Source: YouTube Capture

First impressions: [insert PUNchline].

You can bet that there’ll be future updates on these titles as and when they get release dates, and I’ll aim to cover them with a fair assessment as swift as I can get my grubby mitts on them.

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