Qubic Games' Anniversary Sale

It’s been a busy few days for news but held off on this one in time for the weekend. Then didn’t get the chance to post. 

Not sure about what to play at the moment? Qubic Games‘ anniversary sale is on right now, so let’s have a look at the titles on offer.

As part of their 16th anniversary and to coincide with raising donations against Covid-19, Qubic Games are offering four weeks worth of discounts to gamers – notably their existing fans in the first week.

Though you guys would already know about that right, what with you already following them.

If you already own Geki Yaba Runner Anniversary Edition (yoink – got it!) or Robonauts, you’ll get owner discounts throughout the week.

Qubic Games' Anniversary Sale Geki Yaba Runner
Confirmation you’ll not forget this anniversary. Source: PR

Details on the sale can be seen here.

Remember, when making a purchase, they come under QubicGames’ Gamesvscovid initiative – 20% of all revenue from April through to June 2020 will get donated to medical services dealing with Covid-19.

Included in this line up:

  • Akane – a great game. I’ve had this since launch and still play it! Read the Akane review.
  • Mana Spark – another decent title that I have in the library but reviewed elsewhere. Note to self: write a review on Mana Spark
  • One Strike – you betcha – I have this too. Read the One Strike review.
  • Super Hero Fight Club Reloaded – another title I own, but not reviewed yet. Are you noticing a pattern?

There are many more titles that are ridiculously cheap and well worth the purchase, but there are also new titles that have been heavily discounted, such as Tharsis, and Hyper Parasite. There’s even a free title called Party Treats

Tharsis Switch
Hello, spaceman. Source: PR

Guess what? You can read the review for Party Treats here.

There’s no excuse to go out.

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