Proud Member Of Ima Critic

Ima Critic is made up. Sorry to spoil that illusion if you were hoping to join the ranks and promote it on your site. 

Joining an aggregate site is like the MIB test; only the best of the best of the best get through.

As much as I’d like this site to be among the elite, it’s an exclusive club. My folks didn’t attend the fraternities, we don’t live in the catchment area, and we come from a poor background. Thus, a fictitious guild has been created where the lemonade flows like wine.

What does this mean for you? Diddlysquat

All thoughts and opinions are my own. There’s no affiliation with any developers or publishers (despite having a selection of my favourite humans – you know who you are – kisses), and nobody is demanding more cowbell, as it’s what the advertisers want.

How do I survive? Stripping. But that’s another story, as is the tricks I can perform with my belly button. I could be a little less censored and brutal in my assessments, but believe it or not, that isn’t me. ‘Vulgar’ might not be the term you think it is; I’m actually quite pleasant.

If you want to join my Ima Critic gang, go ahead: you’re in. There are no legal requirements, and zero benefits other than my eternal love. Surely that’s enough?

Anyway, read some reviews or features if you’re staying. I hope they enlighten you, make you smile or even moist.

And yes, because I’m a good boy, I have to inform you that the icon used for this guild is courtesy of icons8. Designing a logo for Ima Critic is a little too much.