Promise Mascot Agency Reveal: Who’ll Be Cheering The Mascots? Michi And Pinky, Of Course!

The latest from Paradise Killer creators seems to be a collab made in heaven! Promise Mascot Agency is inbound for 2025.

Promise Mascot Agency is the latest game currently in development from Paradise Killer creators Kaizen Game Works, and it’s set for a release in 2025. Best of all, it’s the world’s first Open World Mascot Manager Crime Drama.

Michi is a disgraced yakuza lieutenant who has been exiled to the forgettable town of Kaso-Machi. While their motivation is to uncover why this happened, their mission is to make a bankrupt mascot agency profitable. Fortunately for Michi, there’s Pinky.

Pinky is the Assistant Manager at the agency, who is also a mascot and source for a good quote. They’ll guide Michi as they do-up their beaten old company truck, befriend the locals and find collectables; you don’t have gotta collect ’em all, however, you can destroy them, too.

Man, I’m finally going to be famous and be on talk shows and get into scandals and take on ill-advised endorsement deals! Anyway, can’t sit around yapping when we’ve got a business to run, a criminal conspiracy to uncover and a corrupt old mayor to bury in the woods!

Pinky, Assistant Manager of the Promise Mascot Agency

Promise Mascot Agency will be the champion for mascots – assisting them with their dreams and desires, but most importantly, recruiting them and getting them on your books. Provide them with money, fame, onigiri, or all of the above, and watch your business thrive. Hopefully. There isn’t any further info on how many digits Michi possesses, so this could be a life-or-death scenario.

Promise Mascot Agency - Motivator
Motivator. Source: Steam

Paradise Killer received much acclaim, so it could be argued that Kaizen Game Works don’t need the exposure – especially from the small fry. However, they’re also a small team, so let’s give them some attention – especially when they’re working with some talented individuals such as developer Ikumi Nakamura (The Evil WithinGhostwire: Tokyo), concept artist Mai Mattori, manga artist Inko Ai Takita, and a soundtrack from Alpha Chrome Yayo, and industry veteran Ryo Koike (Resident Evil 4 (2023)). Phew.

The game is due for release in 2025. In the meantime, be sure to add it to your wishlist.