Still Working On It, But Worth The Wait: Project Eve

Not a working title, but still very much in development, Project Eve is an upcoming third-person action title set on a post-apocalyptic Earth.
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Announced in 2019, Project Eve is ShiftUp’s first entry into console territory, and what better way than to dip one’s toes in the annals of the PS5?

Climate control is the least of our worries in the future, as alien invaders known as NA:tives have kicked humanity out of Earth. The lone survivor of a paratrooper squad sent in by the Colony, you play as Eve, taking back what is apparently yours.

Project Eve - All this could be yours
All this could be yours. Source: PR

Alas, the NA:tives didn’t improve upon our beloved planet but ravaged it. The PS5 will capture the desolation in Project Eve, confusing your eyeballs with a post-apocalyptic world that is so…inviting?

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Gameplay in Project Eve is predominantly combat, and aside from attacking and defending, there will be a focus on evasion and parrying. Each successful evasion and parry will fill the Beta Gauge, allowing Eve to upgrade her skills and apply further buffs with her Burst Gauge.

Here’s a Project Eve trailer:

There’s no announcement on a release date yet, but it will be coming to the PS5 in due course. Bookmark the official site (in Korean, but there are some titbits here and there).

If you share this, I'll love you forever (ish)