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Project CARS 3 In Pole This Summer

Now that Gran Turismo 7 in on its way, Project CARS 3 has the advantage of being a game we can play this summer.

If you haven’t played the series yet, you’re missing out if you’re looking for a proper driving simulator that removes the arcade element and focuses more on realism.

Previous incarnations have been revolutionary with the car physics and real-time weather, so what does Project CARS 3 bring to the table, two years on from Project CARS 2.

Project Cars 3 - Yum
It’s not an image from Project Cars 2 – honest. Source: PR

As before, there’s a definitive career path for the novice through to the elite, featuring over 200 elite-brand road and race cars, 140+ global circuits, 24-hour cycles over four seasons, and once again, that innovative all-weather racing system.

In Project CARS 3, by Slightly Mad Studios, drivers will now be able to upgrade their available cars in career mode, unlocking authentic parts that affect handling and power, among others.

No game is complete without customisation, and in this latest instalment you can tweak the wheels; tires, rims and more, as well as personalising your racing persona. 

Other features include:

  • Fully scalable assists for every driver level
  • Revamping handling that’s more convincing but fun
  • First-time user experience
  • 200+ cars
  • 140+ global circuits
  • 24-hour cycles over four seasons with all-weather conditions
  • Intense crash effects
  • Authentic collision detection
  • Enhanced AI

It could be argued that the previous games were gorgeous and all, but the learning curve pushed away more casual gamers. With Project CARS 3, the goal is to bring everyone on board:

While realism and authenticity continue to be at the core of the franchise, we’ve added a host of new options to ensure that Project CARS 3 is also the most accessible game in the franchise’s history. 

Ian Bell, founder and CEO, Slightly Mad Studios

Wanna see it in action? 

Project CARS 3 is coming to the PS4, Xbox One and PC this Summer.

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