Project Arrhythmia Confirms There Is No Bullet Heaven

Find a cure for Tokyo Flu in Project Arrhythmia - a rhythm-based bullet hell for Steam.

Project Arrhythmia has performed its own studies into bullet heaven and hell and has concluded there is no heaven, therefore celebrates bullet hell in this musical shooter.

Available in Early Access, this game from Vitamin Games LLC has been slaying it on the fan front and at the time of writing, has 96% overwhelmingly positive from 726 reviews.

‘A cacophony of lights, music, pulses and blocks, Project Arrhythmia features tight bullet-hell style gameplay where up to 4 players in local co-op must navigate their way through evolving scenes and obstacles, all timed to the beat’. Couldn’t have said it better.

Project Arrhythmia - Edit
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Top Hat Studios are on publishing duties here, assisting with a new story mode and campaign on the existing levels. Project Arrhythmia is set in 205X when a disease called Tokyo Flu has been ravaging the world. You just couldn’t write it…

As a computer programmer, Anna Schroeder looks for a cure using her supercomputer HAL. Relationships with AI called HAL don’t end well. Just sayin’. Anyhoo, they decide to look for a cure using a pulse and rhythm-based interface.

Features in Project Arrhythmia include:

  • Dodge the beat: stages consist of mesmerizing, musically timed scenes, each one telling a story. Feel the rhythm and feel your way around the hazards! Anna will judge how you do.
  • Challenge your friends: up to 4 players supported in local co-op mode
  • Robust level editor: a carefully designed level editor allows users to create their own levels and challenges, to whatever music they wish
  • Huge community: a wealth of user-created content exists, fully integrated into the game through the level editor and user-made levels.

Plus here is a list of the upcoming features:

  • Story Mode: over 20+ handcrafted heart-pounding levels interwoven with an engaging story.
  • More co-op game modes: Party (endless level selection with friends) / Snake (collect pellets that gradually make you larger) / Battle Royale (last to die wins)
  • Full community integration: a voting system for levels, better search, straight importing of levels, and more
  • Cross-platform Modding Support

Time for a video (the original launch trailer):

Project Arrhythmia is currently in Early Access stage with the full release likely to be in late 2021. For more details, get your tush over to the Steam page.

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