Prison Simulator Wants To Know Where The Soap Is

Play as a corrupt guard in Prison Simulator and do practically anything you want!

Are you feeling like a badass? Head into Prison Simulator and see how you fare. However, the twist is, you’re a guard, not an inmate. 

Who’s up for a shanking? Yeah, I wouldn’t be up for it either, but it seems that Baked Games has tapped into a market that non-jailbirds want to explore. Those it’s based on get to live the dream for whatever their sentence is.

In case you’ve ever wondered which path to take when banged up, Prison Simulator lets players opt for keeping their nose clean doing their duties as a guard, or do you go rogue and do whatever the hell you want?

Prison Simulator - Mattress
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In this simulator, you can abuse your power by trading with the prisoners, turning the odd blind eye or perhaps watching on as they beat seven bells out of one another. There’s plenty to do for those prone to corruption.

Key features include:

  • Try to balance between tasks for the prison management, and small requests from convicts to maintain the relationship between the two sides on the most neutral level possible, to make sure you gain profit from both groups.
  • As a prison guard you will have many tasks such as accepting new prisoners, searching prison cells and prisoners in order to find contraband, confiscating illegal objects belonging to convicts, reviewing monitoring, maintaining order and security, pacifying problematic prison residents, and much more.
  • On top of all of the above Prison Simulator offers you complete playthrough freedom. You can do whatever you like, remembering that your loose actions and behaviors may also affect relations with prison employees as well as with convicts themselves. Especially when you decide to pacify them very often and for no good reason.
  • The campaign mode, as well as the free play mode are both available in the game. Complete missions and quests or ignore them completely and do whatever you like. Interact with the whole environment, visit the farthest corners of the prison or just kick some butts!

Prison Simulator teaser trailer below:

Currently in development, you can hop on over to Steam now to wishlist when your parole is up.

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