Pretty Girls Breakers! PLUS Out Now

Breaks some balls - actually, break some. bricks with balls in Pretty Girls Breakers! PLUS - out now on PlayStation and Switch.

Wait! Before you click on that X, Pretty Girls Breakers! PLUS is much more than what it might look like. For starters, fans of the classic Arkanoid (like yours truly) will love the fact that this game is similar to the bat and ball, brick-breaking game.

From Eastasiasoft, you’ll pilot a twin-tailed fighter that wields a beam saber, slapping balls (heh) into the blocks above to move on to the next stage. As the levels progress, so too does the challenge, including different types of bricks to beat, as well as enemies.

But the pretty girls in Pretty Girls Breakers! PLUS serve a purpose, as every win unlocks a new outfit that can be viewed in the dressing room, as well as customisation in the diorama mode. Each to their own, but having seen the trailer, I’m in it for the balls. Well, balls to destroy the bricks.

Key features include:

  • Master dozens of unique battle stages!
  • Chain successful strikes to earn speed and power boosts.
  • Strategize on the fly to smash different block types!
  • Meet 10 female characters voiced in Japanese.
  • Unlock new outfits for casual viewing in Dressing Room mode.
  • Create dioramas by choosing characters, clothing, backgrounds and more!

Pretty Girls Breakers! PLUS is out now on PS4/5, and the Nintendo Switch priced at US$6.99 and €6.99. Look out for a review very soon!