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Power To The People News
Source: Steam


More Power To The People, And Keep It Off Grid

An upcoming management game where you supply the juice to nearby cities… or not. Power To The People is coming to Steam.

Do you like power? Do you like people? Depending on how you prioritise the two, Power To The People might be the game for you. An upcoming management title, you’re in charge of the power grid to the city.

Personally, I’d shut it down and take us back to nature, but just finding out that games are powered by electricity, let’s just keep the plant open for now. Do note that the plant that you manage impacts the surroundings cities, not just one. Can’t miss that bit out.

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Power To The People - Solar!
Go for the solar option, Superman. Source: Steam

You have to balance the juice being supplied without burning stuff down or getting the peasants revolting as they don’t have enough to charge their phone with the literal power. Power To The People sounds quite tyrannical in a modern sense. Well, it lacks the definition, so let’s run with it.

From Hermes Interactive and Crytivo, Power To The People boasts the following features:

  • Cities never stop growing
  • Various power plants to keep the lights on
  • Resource management, too much power can be worse than not enough
  • Disasters, battle the elements like solar flares, lighting, and more

If you like to watch words rather than read them, here’s a trailer:

No release date for Power To The People yet as it’s in development, but you know that you can add to your wishlist and get notifications, right? And no, you can’t earn money from these links. I’m nice.

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