Sell Your Own Supply In Potion Tycoon

Back to the drawing board to make your own potions, bottle them, then sell for a tidy profit in upcoming Potion Tycoon.

What’s with the increase in alchemy based games of late? It’s not a bad thing at all, but there’s been quite a few, such as Potion Party, the upcoming Potion Craft, and now Potion Tycoon.

Potions are as prevalent in gaming as coin collecting or headshots, but dedicated potion entrepreneurship appears in Snowhound Games (Deep Sky Derelicts) and Daedalic Entertainment’s upcoming game.

Potion Tycoon - Spiritbuster
Spiritbuster. Source: Steam

You’ll get to manage your own potion shop in Potion Tycoon – researching new concoctions, securing resources, mixing potions and building/optimising production lines in this hand-drawn 2D World.

Key features in the game include:

  • A tycoon game with a witchy twist: Build and grow your own magic shop.
  • Deep management simulation: Manage production, prices and staff to build an efficient business.
  • Research, construct and innovate: Develop your potion empire all the way from humble beginnings to high-end store.
  • Elaborate alchemy system: Experiment with tons of ingredients and combinations to create new and improved potions.
  • Profound market simulation: Dynamic events, market trends and competing companies to keep you on your toes.
  • Playful 2D hand-drawn style: Enjoy watching the bustling life in your shop as automated production lines work hard and customers visit your store!

Here’s a Potion Tycoon trailer:

The game is expected to go to Early Access in 2022, so add Potion Tycoon to your wishlist to stay up-to-date.