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Ponpu Release Date Set For The 29th November on Nintendo Switch First. Exciting Stuff!

Ponpu release date for the Switch is the 29th of November, followed by Steam, PS4 and Xbox One on the 2nd of December.

The Ponpu release date is almost here; first for the Switch then out for Steam, PS4 and Xbox One. If you’re not excited for this one yet, then maybe it’s because you haven’t heard of it?

To recap, as I’ve written about this game before, Ponpu is a Bomberman-like multiplayer party game from Purple Tree Studio and published by Zordix, and Green Man Gaming.

There’s a story to the game, which is quite the rarity for party games. You are a herald of the Duck-God, sent to eradicate existence in one swift swoop, only an accident forces you to lose your memory, and you turn on your master, fighting for the lives of… you get the gist.

Ponpu release date - Bomber
Looks like a famous bomber title (a good thing!). Source: Zordix

What’s getting me excited is the Bomberman type gameplay, but also the visuals. I’m a sucker for minimalist palettes and arty-farty stuff, and while Ponpu is far from an arthouse experience, it’s aesthetic fits the bill. Geddit? Bill? Duck? Yeah, alright…

Here’s another trailer if you haven’t already seen it:

The Ponpu release date is set for the 29th of November for the Nintendo Switch, swiftly followed by Steam, PS4 and Xbox One on the 2nd of December, which should be about the time of my review. Can’t wait!

Ponpu Review

Ponpu was everything I had more or less hoped for this multiplayer. The Story Mode surprised me in that it was more entertaining than expected for a party title. Still, the real highlight is the multiplayer experience which is thoroughly enjoyable, complemented by the gorgeous artwork and quirky soundtrack.

The score totals a 7.5 out of 10

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