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Ponpu Is Like Water Off A Duck’s Back

Ducking and diving in Ponpu which recently had confirmation of local AND online play!

Source: Zordix

Everyone loves to recall a memorable duck, and with Ponpu, you can share that experience locally and online.

That’s right, Ponpu will be shaking its tail to lure in console and PC gamers in the overcrowded multiplayer market with a choice of local or online, four-player mayhem.

But what have ducks got to offer that’s so special? 

Ponpu - Bomber
Looks like a famous bomber title (a good thing!). Source: Zordix

Well, the Duck God has sent you, Ponpu, to destroy the Earth, only a bump to the head forces you to lose your memory and fight against said Lord.

Touted as a multiplayer experience, don’t dismiss this title from Zordix Publishing if you don’t have any friends as there’s an extensive single-player campaign over 10 challenging worlds, featuring rivals and grotesque bosses.

There are also three multiplayer modes:

  • Coin chase – collect coins before your rivals
  • Colour fight – spread your seed paint across a level before the competition
  • Deathmatch – you knows it

There’ll be a playable demo during the Steam Game Festival for PC users (check out my other site, Steamin Windows, when you get time)

It’s worth mentioning that the art style in Ponpu is stunning. I say it here as didn’t want to distract from the duck news – looks aren’t everything, but man, Ponpu looks excellent:

To keep a tab on the Steam demo, head on over to the download page. Keep an eye out for future news later in the year.

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