Eff The Police? Police Simulator Patrol Officers Has Something To Say About That

What's it like being on the right side of the law? Walk/drive the streets of Brighton in upcoming Police Simulator: Patrol Officers for PC and consoles.

Everyone’s tried to outrun the police. Maybe even successfully, but have you tried wearing their shoes and chasing the badmen, ticket dodgers, and folk who like to lower their car and put full limo tint on ALL windows? Police Simulator: Patrol Officers, from Astragon Entertainment, may be the game you’re looking for.

The press for this simulator is quite amusing, but… could be fairly accurate: the anti-GTA. In the game, you’ll play as the cops in the city of Brighton (alas, not in the UK), starting with parking tickets but eventually stopping drug deals and giving chase to the crims.

Featuring a dynamic traffic system, here are some of the key features you can expect in Police Simulator: Patrol Officers:

  • Traffic system that organically creates accidents, speeding vehicles, traffic jams and other traffic violations like crossing a red light and more
  • Three districts with several neighborhoods, each with their own unique flair
  • Various duties ranging from car accidents, parking regulations, emergency callouts, to finding drug dealers or graffiti sprayers
  • Progression to unlock districts, cars and modes (Standard and Open Patrol)
  • Casual and Simulation game modes
  • Intuition System
  • Single- and Multiplayer modes

And the trailer?

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is in Early Access on Steam but also available for PlayStation and Xbox from the 10th of November. Watch this space, and perhaps I may be able to give you an insight as to what the streets of Brighton really are like…

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