Plot Of The Druid Early Access – Could It Be Magic?

The way of the druid... Plot of the Druid is a point and click adventure currently in Early Access on Steam, and one part of if it is completely free to play!

How many point and click games have you played in Early Access? Me? None. I think. When Plot of the Druid hit my inbox, gut instincts were, ‘ok, it’s a point and click. Will have a look’. But after the trailer, it was like, ‘Blaam! Let’s play’. Alas, upon installing, a tear was shed as the game is in development. Ah… ‘Early Access’.

It didn’t happen like that, but we’ve eased ourselves into this preview. Developed by Yakir Israel and Adventure4Life Studios, you play Jase (with his wheeled warriors) – a druid apprentice who isn’t afraid to take the odd shortcut to reach his goal. Magic and point and click references aside, the feels were Discworld and Simon the Sorcerer, but there’s definitely a hint of Space Quest in there, too (I’m not overly familiar with King’s Quest, so let’s skip that).

In the opening prologue, you’re looking for some test papers to ‘progress’ in your studies. As any druid in training will know, moving around a point and click is clear enough and Plot of the Druid uses the standard conventions and the modern hotspot indicator if you need it. On top of that, there’s a difficulty level, so if you’re a hardened veteran or just want the challenge, you can up the puzzles a bit.

Plot of the Druid Early Access - Booze
Booze. Source: Steam

To be fair, the dialogue in the game is worth the entry price (FREE!), and it’s pretty damn funny throughout. It has that Sierra scent, but it reminds me a bit of Darkestville Castle as well. Visually it’s terrific. A well-illustrated comic book panel introduces the events, but the actual artwork in the game – from character modelling to the backgrounds – is a standout, but it’s the animation that’s best. Yes, it gets a medal. From the outset, I was impressed with how good everything looked, from characters talking (it’s a talkie) to Jase shapeshifting into a raccoon or mosquito. Well, he is a druid-in-training, after all.

A note on the talkie element, Plot of the Druid, has some excellent voice talent. Jase takes a little getting used to as he’s a bit of a wrong ‘un, but the voice actor was spot-on. My only beef with the voice acting is it’s a little inconsistent in recording quality. I couldn’t tell you the bitrates and whatnot, but they don’t sound like studio quality. It’s a shame, as the production throughout is fantastic.

As this is a preview of Plot of the Druid Early Access, I’m winding it up early as it’s not a thorough review; plus, the Plot of the Druid: Nightwatch is currently free to play. I did receive a code, but when I went to get a link to the Steam store page: it’s available to all. By the way, I played on the Steam Deck, which was ace. That is all. Go check this out now. Looking for more inspiration for your next point and click adventure? Here’s a feature.