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Planet Zoo Encompasses The Oceans With The Aquatic Pack

How about expanding your Planet Zoo development with the latest DLC? Planet Zoo Aquatic Pack out this month!

Planet Zoo Aquatic Pack out next week
Source: PR

I like animals as much as the next person, if the next person loves animals, and what better way to declare that than going to the zoo and telling the animals you like/love them? Even better: how about starting your own in Planet Zoo?

As the name would suggest, this is a game from Frontier Developments and already has some very positive reviews on Steam. Well, today there’s the announcement of the Planet Zoo Aquatic Pack, available from the 8th of December.

With over 170+ scenery pieces, five iconic animals and a new timed challenge, this DLC adds to the collections of wannabe John Hammonds (Jurassic Park) as they build upon their existing havens with animal sculptures, wild jungles and cascading waterfalls.

Planet Zoo Aquatic Pack - Don't go chasing
Don’t do chasing [blank]. Source: PR

Included in this DLC are the following animals:

  • Diamondback Terrapin
  • Giant Otter
  • Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman
  • Grey Seal
  • King Penguin

Other than the animal interactions in the Planet Zoo Aquatic Pack, zookeepers will be able to build upon their existing zoos with flora and fauna or build entirely new ones.

In the timed mode, you head to Oregon to a zoo-based around a drained riverbed, meaning keepers will need to manoeuvre in a tight space with many restrictions while aiming to be profitable.

Look at all dem cute lil’ aminals:

Planet Zoo is out now; the Planet Zoo Aquatic Pack will be out on the 8th of December on Steam.

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