The Game Awards launched a fair amount of trailers last week, and Planet of Lana was one of the highlights. Whether you’ve seen the first trailer or not, you can’t miss the one released last week.

From Wishfully Studios and Thunderful Games, this is a cinematic puzzle adventure where players control Lana, accompanied by her companion Mui. We’ve looked at this title quite recently, but aside from the new trailer, there’s confirmation that Takeshi Furukawa will be the composer, he of The Last GuardianStar Wars, and Star Trek: Enterprise. If you’ve heard of them.

I’m always attracted to projects with a strong visual identity in combination with touching stories and universal themes. But beyond the opportunity to provide emotional weight to this beautiful world, what intrigued me even more is the integral role that music plays in the story of the game.

Takeshi Furukawa, composer

Check out the most recent Planet of Lana trailer here:

Planet of Lana is heading to PC and the Xbox Series X, running at a native resolution of 4K at 60fps. You wouldn’t have got that on the Philips CDi. It’ll be out in late 2022.