Pirate Dragons. Enough Said.

There's no illusion what Pirate Dragons could involve, and if that tickles your fancy, click on that wishlist button as you have to wait until next year.

Pirates versus dragons, dragons versus pirates? It says so in the title: Pirate Dragons is the battle we’ve all been waiting for(?) where you’ll unleash the best wyverns in the land against invading ships. What else could you want? Cake.

A third-person action-adventure RPG due in – wait for it – 2023, SuperSixStudios game for Steam will help you train that dragon, sail some ships, and perhaps go for some grog after.

Key features in Pirate Dragons include:

  • Play a dragon!
  • Third-person, high flying, action combat.
  • Explore an open world of islands, sailing ships, and piracy.
  • Level up to learn new breath weapons and other skills.
  • Build a fleet of ships to help you trade goods and battle against other factions.
  • Upgrade your ships with better crews, sails, cannons, and hulls.
  • Join a faction, become a merchant, or engage in piracy!
  • An economy that changes based on your actions.
  • Quests and missions.
  • Grow your hoard to become the richest and most powerful dragon ever!

Here’s the animated showreel of what to expect. At least, for now:

Again, Pirate Dragons ain’t out until 2023, but you can bet your booty that it can be added to your wishlist. Right. Now.