Pinchcliffe Grand Prix Isn’t Just About The Racing…

Coming to a Switch and PC near you, Pinchcliffe Grand Prix is based on the very famous Norwegian film and chock-full of mini-games for all.

What do we have here? Pinchcliffe Grand Prix for Nintendo Switch and PC? Based on one of the most famous Norwegian films (Flåklypa Grand Prix) of all time, outside of Captain Sabertooth, this isn’t just a racer, but jam-packed with mini-games.

As a fan of world cinema, I… don’t know this title, but perhaps it’s a Nordic Cannonball Run? Scandalous! Regardless, I haven’t seen a driving game with this much variety, and maybe the racing element is just the tip of the iceberg.

Pinchcliffe Grand Prix - Go bananas
Go bananas. Source: PR

Playing as the hero Theodor, you must build the racing car II Tempo Gigante, completing many challenges to reach your goal. You’ll know by now I tend to engage in opinion with news pieces and will say I’m excited about this. With Zordix publishing and Ravn Studio and Rock Pocket Games on lead and rhythm, respectively, Pinchcliffe Grand Prix is a title you’ll want to keep your eye on. It’s family-friendly too!

Here are some moving pictures:

Pinchcliffe Grand Prix is heading to both the Switch and PC, available from the 4th of November. Naturally, I’ll want to cover this in due course, so I will report my thesis then. In the meantime, PC bods, wishlist it: