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Phoenotopia Awakening out on Steam
Source: Steam


Phoenotopia Awakening Melting Hearts On Steam Now

First came the Switch, now available on Steam with a time-limited discount, Phoenotopia Awakening.

Don’t tell my non-existent alpha mates, but I have to say, Phoenotopia Awakening is cute. But cuteness aside, this adventure RPG first released on the Switch, gets a Steam release and available now with a limited discount.

This action-adventure is inspired by the golden age’s classic platformers (whenever that was, is probably subjective). The game offers two perspectives for exploration: side-scrolling in towns, top-down in world map view.

From the trailer alone, Phoenotopia Awakening looks like a big game, and I could happily kick back with this and a bowl of marshmallows. I’ve never done that before, but the art style, which features a JRPG flair, inspires me to do so.

You play Gail, a simple villager, who embarks on their adventure following a great starship appearing in the sky that abducts adults. As the oldest member, the duty falls upon her to save the community; thus, the shenanigans begin.

Watch the trailer here:

You can already get Phoenotopia Awakening, from Cape Cosmic and Flyhigh Works, on the Switch and now Steam, with a 10% discount until the 28th of January.

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