Get That Adrenaline Pumpin’ For Phantom Spark

Be a master of time-trials in the futuristic racer Phantom Spark - a game with no speed limits! - coming to PC and the Switch.

Get this: a momentum-based, time-trial racer. Aren’t all racers momentum-based? Nevertheless, I like this terminology – more so that Thunderful are publishing, and Coatsink (The Last Hero of Nostalgaia) and Ghosts are developing Phantom Spark.

We all need that spark in our life, and this racer, which boasts rollercoaster-like levels and no speed limitations, makes it one for speed freaks and goal-setters when it comes to records.

Phantom Spark is a gravity-defying racer; again, it goes with the territory with this type of game (see Redout 2 and Phaseshift), but the neverending path towards perfection and mastering the tracks make this a standout.

Key features include:

  • Fast-paced, momentum-driven, easy-to-learn yet hard-to-master gameplay.
  • A complete single-player campaign experience featuring unique rivalries
  • Race through carefully curated tracks spanning three distinct and stunning regions.
  • Our short yet high-intensity tracks allow players to improve upon their runs whilst avoiding load times with our one-button reset.

Here’s the announcement trailer:

Phantom Spark is coming soon to PC (Steam) and the Nintendo Switch. More details nearer the time!