PERISH The Thought: Released On Consoles?

PlayStation and Xbox gamers can now get their hands on PERISH - a 1-4 online co-op FPS, taking place in popular holiday destination, Purgatory.

An FPS shouldn’t be limited to a mouse and keyboard. HandyGames know this, and that’s why they’ve released PERISH on the PlayStation and Xbox for your thumb fix, y’know.

Trapped in purgatory, you and up to three other players assume the role of Amyetri (corporeal spirits), tasked with initiating the Rites of Orpheus. Fear not, fellow cool person. You won’t have to roll a die and wait your turn: this is a co-op FPS with an online campaign.

With ‘magnificent boss fights and a diverse array of handcrafted weapons, PERISH offers a fresh and exhilarating gaming experience for players seeking thrills and challenges’; even those who don’t want to sit with a mouse can get involved in the action.

Here are some of the features:

  • Gripping online co-op campaign: Team up with friends to battle through diverse environments inspired by ancient mythologies.
  • Magnificent boss fights: Take on rare and unexplored colossal deities in intense battles of skill and strategy.
  • Handcrafted weapons: Choose from a wide array of weapons, each with unique offensive capabilities and upgrade options.
  • Intense combat:¬†Engage in brutal, blood-soaked combat against enemies with distinctive battle behaviors.

While PC users may not feel as loved now that the console heathens are involved, they might take comfort knowing that the Steam version of PERISH gets a free update with fixes and improvements and an exclusive skin: King Minos. You lucky people.