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Path Of Kami Prologue coming to Steam
Source: Steam


Path Of Kami Prologue Coming Soon To Steam

Explore the Mortal and Spirit Worlds in upcoming game Path Of Kami Prologue, featuring a story laced with Japanese folklore.

Though I own it on a system or two, I’ve never really sat down to play Ōkami – nothing against it, just one of those things. Without being too familiar with it, I’m aware enough that Path Of Kami Prologue shares similarities.

There’s plenty of room for this sort of game, especially where the focus is exploration and solving puzzles. In the game, you play recently deceased Japanese wolf Kazeyo, as he attempts to traverse the Mortal and Spirit Worlds.

Path Of Kami Prologue - Lone wolf
Lone Wolf. Source: Steam

Drawing in their knowledge of Japanese folklore, Captilight has been able to include classics such as Momotaro (maybe more familiar in the West as Peach Boy) and Issun-Boushi, among others. They genuinely are stories we have read to our kids, so this is part of the personal appeal.

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In Path Of Kami Prologue, it’s an introduction to the Mortal realm and Kazeyo’s world. Key features include:

  • Explore beautiful landscapes set in ancient Japan
  • Find and collect a variety of collectables
  • Solve puzzles by lighting lanterns
  • Enjoy a heartwarming story about a wolf and his Wisp companion
  • A handcrafted 3D painterly world
  • A beautiful soundtrack that will hit you in the face with FEELS!

Here’s a teaser trailer:

Path Of Kami Prologue doesn’t have a release date as yet, but add it to your wishlist on Steam, and you’ll get notified nearer the time.

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