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Path Of Kami Devlog – Prologue This November, With A Kickstarter Campaign Next Year!

It’s been a year since the Path of Kami Prologue and Captilight Games are working hard to get this released next year. Here’s an update.

Path of Kami Prologue
Source: Captilight Games

Remember Path of Kami from last year’s Steam Next Fest? I certainly do. Well, Captilight Games are currently developing the ‘relaxing wolf adventure game’ and just released a devlog.

You play the recently deceased wolf, Kazeyo, and must traverse both the mortal and spirit worlds, solving puzzles along the way. In case you hadn’t guessed from the name, it has a Japanese aesthetic, too.

Path of Kami will likely be compared to Ōkami (a game I still haven’t played properly), but it’s much more chilled. Yes, there’s a wolf, but the colour palettes are calmer, watercolour-like, and engaging. You can read my silly thoughts on the early demo.

Key features in the game include:

  • Explore beautiful landscapes set in ancient Japan
  • Find and collect a variety of collectables
  • Solve puzzles by lighting lanterns
  • Enjoy a heartwarming story about a wolf and his Wisp companion
  • A handcrafted 3D painterly world
  • A beautiful soundtrack that will hit you in the face with FEELS!

More importantly, the topic of this post: the devlog:

Path of Kami Prologue is set for a release around November of this year, with the Kickstarter set for a Q1 2023 release. You can play a demo on Steam at the time of writing, so do check it out (and wishlist!). Of course, I’ll post updates as and when, but you can also subscribe to their channels directly – be it via YouTube or Twitter.

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