Party Time DLC Available For Gas Station Simulator This Week

There's a new addition to Gas Station Simulator this week: Party Time DLC - available from the 22nd of September.

More DLC is coming to Gas Station Simulator, this time, it’s the Party Time DLC, and it’s available later this week on Steam.

Developed by DRAGO Entertainment and published by Movie Games, the base game is one of the best simulators released of late, and this additional content will keep you returning to fix, fuel and fiddle with vehicles and ensure Dennis never returns.

In Party Time DLC, there’ll be the addition of a party venue, collectables, popularity boosts and… ice cream! Focusing on the most important addition here, you’ll have access to an ice cream stand that features its own little mini-game. More importantly, you’ll now have access to a tablet, so there is no need to dash back to the desktop PC to place your orders.

There’s not been anything official about this other than on Steam, so no video at the moment. Instead, here’s a trailer for the Gas Station Simulator console edition:

Gas Station Simulator Party Time DLC will be available to purchase from the 22nd of September on Steam.

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