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Paradox Vector Throws All Sorts Of Shapes At You

Paradox Vector is a throwback to classic vector games from the 80s, currently in Early Access on Steam.

As a golden oldie of gaming, I remember going round to a friends house to play Battlezone or Tempest on his Amstrad and being dazzled by the 3D graphics, but the ultimate was Star Wars arcade. 

I adored that game as a youngster, but if memory serves correctly, I’d waste my pocket money for only a few minutes worth of play.

Paradox Vector - Depth of Field
Depth of field. Source: PR

Sometimes the odd retro game gets a revamp, such as the aforementioned Battlezone, but other than the resurgence of pixel art titles, vector games are pretty minimal.

Until now.

Paradox Vector from Schmidt Workshops is a homage to those 80s titles, but with a Quake-like flair, currently in Early Access on Steam.

In a recent video, Mike Schmidt shares his opinion on impossible geometry, drawing in the influence of M.C. Escher.

Fortunately, with Escher’s work, there was enough time to comprehend the depth and deception his pieces offered as they were static images. With Paradox Vector, it’s truly mind-blowing how the communication between our brains and what we see can be clouded.

While I’m sure my brain can work things out, my subconscious is weeping a little at how crazy this game can be. There may be some comparisons to Portal, but – stop the internet – I’ve never played it before so other than gameplay trailers, can’t vouch for it.

On the other hand, I’m an explorer in terms of gaming nature. Mix that up with a spot of shooting stuff in a retro paradise, and this might be a tidy little title you’ll be wanting to add to your wishlist.

You can check the brief video mentioned above, but here’s a trailer for Paradox Vector:

Currently in Early Access, you can find out more details about the game on the respective Steam page.

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