Follow The Paper Trail On The Netflix App

Launching on the Netflix app, then following up on PC and consoles later in the year, top-down puzzle game, Paper Trail.

Don’t worry, Paper Trail is nothing to do with the taxman but an upcoming top-down puzzle game from Newfangled Games that’s launching exclusively on the Netflix app (iOS and Android) next month, with PC and consoles later in the year.

A 2D adventure, you play as Paige – an academic wannabe who sets out into the big unfoldable world to see what… unfolds. Oh, those paper puns really do cut. Sheet! Done it again.

Key features include:

  • A folding world – folding and joining paths together to explore and progress. Alter the fabric of the world, contorting, spinning, rotating, twisting as players try to untangle the puzzles. 
  • Engaging puzzle and intriguing people – puzzles that challenge wits and bring the player through the world of Paper Trail. Travelling through the folds will introduce Paige to a unique cast of characters, who tell their stories and enlighten Paige about the wider world. 
  • Handcrafted beautiful environments – from deep dark caves that have been untouched for years to the tallest treetops buffeted by rain. Explore a variety of handcrafted environments as Paige makes her journey to university, taking in the sights and wonders as she goes. 
  • An enchanting art style – experience the art of Paper Trail which draws heavily from flat aesthetic styles, like printmaking and watercolour, blended to create a uniquely styled game that compliments the paper theme. 

Here’s a trailer:

Paper Trail will be available for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and the Nintendo Switch later in the year; the mobile app will be available next month.