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Watch Out For The Salt, Paper Cut Mansion Is Out This Year

A hand-crafted mansion made of paper? Paper Cut Mansion is an upcoming horror rogue-lite that’s heading to PC and consoles this year.

Paper Cut Mansion
Source: Steam

Reading the specs for the upcoming Paper Cut Mansion is like reading the particulars for an ideal date: great sense of humour, big boo – sorry. What I mean is the ingredients in this pot pack a kick.

Here goes.

A handcrafted world made of cardboard, a rogue-lite horror, puzzles, mystery, 80s/90s Tim Burton and Jim Henson references, and published by Thunderful? Yeah, Space Lizard’s new game looks and sounds bloody marvellous.

You play Toby – a police detective who arrives at the Paper Cut Mansion in the title. Making assumptions that this is a one-sided affair set in a horror environment, there are plenty of enemies to battle and characters to meet who may or may not be more important than a simple NPC. What mysteries does this place hold?

The team has worked really hard to create a mysterious and visually appealing world that’s going to draw players in, and provide them with a compelling roguelite loop that’s going to keep them coming back. I can’t wait to tell you more about the game as we get closer to release!

Space Lizard Studios’ Gabriele Caruso

Watch the Paper Cut Mansion trailer without getting a paper cut. Yeah, I tried a little too hard there.

Paper Cut Manson is coming to PC, PS4/5, Nintendo Switch and the Xboxeseses this year. More details as they… haha… unfold. That’s a cardboard joke.

Do you like paper-based games? Here are two reviews for you:

Papetura (PC)

A Tale of Paper (PS4)

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