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Pang Adventures Buster Edition Keeps Arcade Hunger Locked Up In November

Pang Adventures Buster Edition (physical copy) is out for the PS4 next month, with the Switch in Q1 2021.

Pang Adventures Buster Edition
Source: PR

One of my favourite two-player games back in the day was Pang on the Amiga, so it is with nostalgic pleasure to announce that a physical Pang Adventures Buster Edition is coming to the PlayStation 4 next month. Yay!

A physical edition is being released at the end of November by Meridiem Games, with a Nintendo Switch version in early 2021. These boxed versions of the game will be available across Europe and Australia, working with other distributors to get it released for the rest of the world.

In Pang Adventures Buster Edition, you play two brothers as they travel the globe busting balls. They don’t work for the Mafia or are professional roasters, but are armed with an arsenal to take on an alien invasion of balls.

Pang Adventures Buster Edition - Duo
Duo supreme. Source: PR

Ket features include:

  • 3 different ball-popping modes
    • Tour Mode: Fightback the alien forces, one location at a time! 
    • Score Attack: Save the world with only 3 lives and NO CONTINUES! A real arcade experience. 
    • Panic Mode: Bust balls like a legend! 99 levels of continuous battles will put your skills to the ultimate test. 
  • Local Co-op: Adventures are best shared! The couch co-op feature is available in every game mode, allowing friends and family to team up and save the world!
  • More than 100 levels scattered throughout Antarctica, Scotland, Death Valley, Bora Bora… each location with its own unique tricks and twists!
  • The Pang brothers have upgraded their gear since the last alien invasion: machine guns, flamethrowers, lasers, shurikens…you name it, they’ve got it!


The Pang Adventures Buster Edition will feature a special reversible sleeve, retro-styled survival manual and sticker set, retailing for €19.99/£19.99 on PS4 on the 27th of November and €29.99/£24.99 for Nintendo Switch in Q1 2021. 

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