Overpass Coming In 2020

An update to the often overlooked off-road racing challenge, Overpass from Zordix Racing features over 23 licensed vehicles and 40 different tracks

F1, touring and rallying have been the dominant forces in the world of driving games, but there’s an upcoming title called Overpass that approaches the off-road simulator, and it’s coming out for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and if it’s your thang, The Epic Store.

Overpass is a game that tackles terrain full-on. There aren’t any tarmac ovals to spin around time and time again, but mud, rocks and even man-made obstacles such as ramps and speed bumps when driving through built-up areas. The last I made up, but a necessary evil in the modern age.

There are 23 officially licensed vehicles in the line up that include the likes of Yamaha, Suzuki and Arctic Cat and well over 40 tracks over 6 environments. That’s a lot on offer, but it doesn’t stop there as it features a full career mode that appears to be as worthy as some of its peers in the racing genre that utilities a calendar to place your racing season. How thorough the campaign will be, remains to be seen as its still early days, but the gameplay so far looks pretty good (check out the gameplay commentary further down).

Overpass screenshot from Zordix Racing
Return of the Wildcat Source: Press Release

Driving games are one of my favourites genres and I would say 70% of the time I would play solo – be it a campaign or arcade-type mode, but local multiplayer is a must whenever I choose a racer. In the case of Overpass, it has this option with the Hot Seat mode and it can be played in split-screen. As long as the physics aren’t anything like driving a truck up a hill in Death Stranding, this could end up being a lot of fun against a mate.

For those more accustomed to online play, there is the option for this too, as well as a leaderboard, no doubt for time trials. Picking the best line on tarmac is often a challenge, but factoring in tree trunks, rocks and mud traps could go the way of frustrating or incredibly fun. Let’s hope that it’s the latter.

There’s no release date just yet, but you can monitor the progress of Overpass from the official site from Zordix Racing, or pre-order it if you like what you see.