You’re Out Of Line, San’s Out Of Line, It’s All Out Of Line

Help San uncover memories in this tale of self-discovery, armed only with a spear: Out Of Line heading to PC and Switch this Summer, later for PS4 and Xbox One.

If you don’t sing Out Of Line to the tune Out Of Touch by Hall & Oates, you’re not a gamer. Go back and play GTA Vice City for a refresh course. As for this new game, it’s time for some further self-discovery.

From Nerd Monkeys and Hatinh InteractiveOut Of Line is a hand-drawn puzzle platformer coming to multiple platforms. You play San, a boy looking to ‘unearth fragments of his identity and discover the true meaning of freedom’, collecting memories and solving puzzles.

Out Of Line - Ropey
Ropey. Source: Steam

This a game layered with topics such as oppression, isolation, courage, optimism and hope, and between puzzle sections, players will be able to ‘relate to human existentialism in the age of technology’. Woah.

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Predominantly a problem-solving title, San is armed with a spear that will serve as a tool that navigates him around the world, with a focus on exploration and experimentation.

We want players to learn through experimentation, constantly tinkering with puzzles until they find a logical solution. This design philosophy plays a thematic role in our game, as most individuals find their purpose through trial and error.

Francisco Santos, Lead Artist at Nerd Monkeys

Here’s the trailer:

Out Of Line will be coming to the Nintendo Switch and the PC in Summer, followed by the PS4 and Xbox One later in the year.

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