Ourea Reminds Us Of The Extinct Oreads

Ourea is a puzzle game told through a cinematic experience with the last of the Oreads, Glyf.

Ourea, out now on Steam, a cinematic puzzle game.

A story-driven puzzler from Rewrite Games, players will uncover the mysteries of Ourea ‘through a single, unbroken shot’. Does that mean all in one take?

Following in the footsteps of Journey and Shadow of the Colossus, players take control of the last of the Oreads: Glyf. In neglecting their environment, the Oreads no longer exist, and the game is a message about our own existence.

Ourea - Indy
A multi-verse Indy. Source: Steam

Each model in the game features a hand-painted texture, and as you will see in the trailer further down, it’s a beautiful looking title. 

We’re incredibly excited to finally release Ourea and let people experience this world that we have created.

Conor Barron, Lead Artist at Rewrite Games 

See for yourself:

Other than the Steam page, you can also get it from Itch.io now.