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Othercide Takes Us There, This Time On The Switch

Take us to the Othercide as it’s now available on the Switch, thanks to the awesome team at 2Awesome Studio.

That’s right, this tactical RPG that was hinted at a while ago in the news section looks wicked, a game from Lightbulb Crew and Focus Home Interactive.

You take control of humanity’s last hope – but before you switch off to this cliche, realise that you play The Daughters, an army with almost unrivalled combat skill and abilities when fighting against the Suffering.

Othercide - Event changer
Change the order of events. Source: PR

However, they’re aren’t invincible (pretty dull if they were), and there will be times you’ll have to sacrifice one to make the others stronger – and that doesn’t mean the middle child or ginger one – there should be a viable reason for it.

Combat as been defined as ‘an intricate dance of spectacular actions and counters’. You need to plan to outsmart the enemy if you have a chance of surviving. Othercide has already had a good response from players; now the torch is handed to 2Awesome Studios to port to the Switch:

Othercide has a unique color scheme and visual style that requires the use of advanced volumetric lightning, fog effects, PBR reflections and even cloth and hair simulation. The challenge was not just bringing it to Switch but making sure it would be as faithful to the original vision as possible making it a great portable experience. I can say I am proud of the results of our team.
Alejandro Santiago, Co-founder and Lead developer at 2Awesome Studio

Have a look at the trailer, if you haven’t already:

You’re probably tentatively holding a biro to jot down the release date of Othercide on the Switch, right? It’s out now – fetch!

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