Osteoblasts Rising From The Dead In February 2021, Demo Out Now

Not a bone simulator as such, but you do play a reanimated skeleton in Osteoblasts - demo out now on Steam.

When I saw Osteoblasts as a title, all I could think about was it was an osteopath simulator where you’ve gone mad with a plasma rifle, shooting skeletons resurrected by a necromancer. Note to self: steal own idea.

Nope, this is a dungeon crawler, about skelewags still, so that’s good, and you even get to play one as you’ve been resurrected by a Cat Witch. And my opener was before I even read the promo material? Huh.

Unfortunately, this is a one-sided affair as being reanimated by a cat, your enemies are dogs, and you’ll be battling these, as well as all sorts of monsters through class-specific quests.

Osteoblasts - Mummy(ies)
Mummy(ies)? Source: Steam

Osteoblasts is a game published by Moonana, and developed by their animator Anglerman. When we say ‘animator’, or we talking conventional or actual necromancer?

Check out a trailer here:

… and for the Osteoblasts Steam page, here. On the Steam page, you’ll be able to play a demo as the game is scheduled for release, quite specifically, on the 12th of February 2021.

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