Oribot Rolls Out This Week On Consoles

Yeah, not really trying on the title, but Oribot speaks for itself. Check out the trailer and the words, then add the 20th August (or 26th) to your diary.

I feel like a correspondent for Ratalaika Games as there’s a game being covered every week – they’re so productive! Anyhoo, their latest is Oribot – out this week on consoles.

It’s a game of logic-based puzzles as you move a ball-shaped robot through a series of physics-related locations. You’ll push buttons, activate switches and locate a teleporter to transport to the next area.

Oribot - Tube games
Tube games. Source: Ratalaika Games

I’m getting two scents – Glyph and Kinetic Edge. They’re both compliments, so if Oribot is anywhere as good as those games, this’ll be an indie hit.

Here’s the trailer:

Oribot is out on PS4/5 and Xboxes from the 20th of August, with the Nintendo Switch version to follow slightly later on the 26th of August.