Orbital Bullet Does A 360º And Releases A New Jungle Level

Introducing a new jungle stage, Orbital Bullet is an awesome looking 360º shooter from SmokeStab.

’tis the season of the shmup of late, and the latest on the list is Orbital Bullet, offering a new Jungle level and open alpha invites for this Steam title.

From one of my favourite publishers (and no, I don’t think they read this), Assemble Entertainment and developers SmokeStab, this shooter is, in fact, a rogue-lite, featuring a unique 360º platform level design. 

Orbital Bullet - Sandy
Sandy… Source: Steam

A little like Terror Squid, only with an ickle space marine blasting stuff like a sci-fi Super Mario Galaxy, only they’re ascending a digital version of Yggdrasil. High brow indeed.

Key features in Orbital Bullet include:

  • Nothing ‘Rosie’ About This Ring: A unique 2.5D ring-shaped world offers players a one-of-a-kind setting fresh for the genre with a rotating 360° level design
  • Bullets and Body Mods: It wouldn’t be a rogue-like without all sorts of nifty upgrades, mods, skill-trees, and heavy weapons to keep your sci-fi fustigator strapped and ready for action
  • Intense Arcade Action: A game that defines “one more run”, Orbital Bullet throws players into the fray with fierce, frenetic action. Jump, dodge, and of course, shoot your way through hordes of enemies as you wind your way around several beautiful and unique biomes
  • No Time to Relax: Instant level transitions upon completion of a stage keep the mayhem flowing and your trigger finger dialed; no more interrupting the rhythm with cutscenes or hub worlds!

Check out the Orbital Bullet trailer below:

For more info, check out the Steam page.