Get Snappy: OPUS: Prism Peak Is Coming To Steam

Have you seen the teaser trailer for OPUS: Prism Peak? Erm... here it is.

OPUS: Prism Peak’s a bit of a tease, right? Ok, so SIGONO already said in their email that this is a teaser, but what the heck is it? A visual novel? A cross between What Remains of Edith Finch and Makoto Shinkai films sounds good, but the trailer is an absolute tease.

The response from gamers for the series appears to be massively positive, noting the emotional connections with the material, narrative arcs, and the music. The latest entry, OPUS: Echo of Starsong, has 97% Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam, and a Metascore of 90. That’s good, right?

You play as a photographer ‘lost in an ethereal realm, and unveil its mysteries with your camera to find a way home’. OPUS: Prism Peak is a narrative adventure where choices matter. Consequently, expect to experience multiple endings.

Here’s the teaser trailer:

There isn’t a release date yet, but you can add OPUS: Prism Peak to your wishlist on Steam now, in case you forget. Not likely to happen, though – it looks interesting…