Onomatopeya Heading To PC In 2022 – わくわく

Fan of manga? seen the Japanese equivalent of 'thwak' - that's onomatopoeia. WelOnomatopeya the game explores that in a fun and educational way. Read on...

Onomatopeya is an upcoming Japanese educational game for PC with gorgeous illustrations and a potentially memorable experience through the very many amusing onomatopoeia found in Japan.

If you’re one of the 9 out of 10 people in the world interested in Japanese culture (made up stat), you might have taken it one step further than attaching kawaii and sugoi to everything and learned something like the onomatopoeia. 

Onomatopeya - Coco ain't no clown
Coco ain’t no clown. Source: Itch.io

Perhaps you’ve inadvertently heard things on your travels, at your local ramen joint, or you too have been at the in-laws hearing things like しゃぶしゃぶ or having kids grab your beard shouting もじゃもじゃ もじゃもじゃ? Well, Onomatopeya will further that interest in an exciting new puzzle game about Japanese culture.

From Studio Pomidori, this is a point and click adventure that introduces the sounds in a funny, educational manner as you manage a shop and its quirky clientele, playing as a flamingo. It’s a dream come true!

In development, there’s no vids or other info for Onomatopeya to share right now – I only saw this on a few Twitter feeds and via some recent festival coverage. What I do know is it’ll be heading to PC in 2022. Not sure if that’s Steam, but it will be heading to Itch.io.

Watch this space…

Onomatopeya - Tanuki
Tanuki. Source: Itch.io