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Onee Chanbara Origin Slashes On Your PS4 And PC, But In The Right Context

A remake is heading our way with improved visuals, Onee Chanbara Origin for the PS4 and Steam next month.

Oneechanbara Origin
Source: PR

Onee Chanbara Origin is coming to the PlayStation 4 and PC this October – an HD remake of the original series.

As a chanbara fan (sword fighting samurai type films), I sought out Onee Chanbara on the PlayStation 2, not realising that on the surface it looked a little like a hentai venture. Not so.

Sure, the game is touted as ‘The World’s Sexiest Zombie Slayers’, and they don’t really have that much competition, but this third-person slasher is a fun game and getting an HD remake from Tamsoft and D3Publisher Inc.

Oneechanbara Origin - Slash
Taking a slash. Source: PR

Featuring an all-new art style with ‘optimised stortelling’, the game tells the story of half-sisters Aya and Saki who fight alongside one another as zombie hunters.

Things weren’t so great between them as they were initially mortal enemies, killing each other in the first series. Now fighting for the same cause, they hack and slash through the undead in gruesome detail, with their own unique ability.

Check out the Onee Chanbara Origin trailer below with a, rather charming, soundtrack:

Onee Chanbara Origin will be out on the PS4 and Steam on the 14th of October.

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