From Farmer To One True Hero – Out Next Month

Help an unlikely hero save their kingdom and rid it of an evil army of minions in 3D platformer One True Hero.

It’s not unheard of for heroes to work alone, but One True Hero? Could there not be more? Not in this game from Rat Cliff Games and No Gravity Games, out next month.

A 3D platformer, we lead our hero on a quest to save the kingdom using a magic sword. You’ll tackle an army of evil minions and unravel the mystery of a sinking town.

Key features include:

  • AN EPIC ADVENTURE – Is it really a tale we’ve heard thousands of times before?
  • NERVE-RACKING SWORD FIGHTS – You will meet a lot of evil creatures standing in your path – dealing with them is the only way to save the kingdom!
  •  LOADS OF PLATFORMING! – Jumping, climbing, and running will be your bread and butter! Who knew that there’s such sacrifice involved in being a legendary hero
  • A TALE TO REMEMBER – Memorable characters, great humor, lots of surprising dungeons, and puzzles are only a part of this extraordinary tale.

Check out the One True Hero trailer below:

One True Hero will be available on PC (Steam), PlayStation, Xbox and the Nintendo Switch from the 20th of October. A demo is available now on Steam.

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