One Hand Clapping Won’t Make You Blind

A clever title that makes use of your voice in a constructive way rather than simply shouting at the screen - One Hand Clapping is out next month in Early Access.

Not a one-handed bandit euphemism, but One Hand Clapping is a unique game coming to Early Access Steam next month that will have you operating your PC one-handed like it was in the days of ICQ.

But woah there, Nelly. One Hand Clapping is a family-friendly title where you interact with the game using your voice. It’s about developing confidence in how you sound, reiterating that “Do I really sound like that?” when hearing it on voicemail.

One Hand Clapping - The Voice
The Voice. Source: PR

Without relying on a Journey song, Bad Dream Games and HandyGames want to believe in you and your vocal abilities before launching on a talent show. Then again, listen to the charts, and you have a chance as is. For those reluctant to use their voice, you can play an instrument or any other sound into your mic (sold separately).

Let’s skip the trailer and instead check out the ‘developer’s insight’:

One Hand Clapping will be on Early Access from the 10th June 2021, but it’ll also be coming to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It’ll head to Stadia, too, if it’s still live.