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Okinawa Rush Switch Is Another Retro Action-Platformer, Due Q1 2021

The Okinawa Rush Switch isn’t a typo or unpleasant condition, but a martial arts extravaganza fighting demons.

Okinawa Rush due Q1 2021
Source: PR

Okinawa; the home of Kiryu, the Okinawan shirt and karate’s birthplace, in its current form. If you’ve also just binged Cobra Kai Season 3 (read the game review here), you might be up for a bit of Okinawa Rush Switch [update: here’s the Okinawa Rush review].

Resembling a mixture of First Samurai on the Amiga (hey fellow fans) and a little of Arrest of a Stone Buddha, this side-scrolling beat ’em up is one for the retro fans, methinks.

I say ‘side-scrolling’, but it’s also a platformer as you set out to defeat legions of ninjas, warriors and demons who all side with the dreaded Black Mantis clan.

Okinawa Rush - Scanline demons
Scanline demons. Source: PR

Either as a solo quest or with a friend, Okinawa Rush Switch offers multiple endings for each avatar, ‘dynamic gameplay with fluid and fast fights. Add to this scrolls of combos and an intuitive parry system’.

On top of that, if you’re up for RPG elements, your character can level up, investing in stats, plus access to a multitude of weaponry as well as your bare knuckles.

Okinawa Rush features include:

  • Tailor-made combat engine.
  • Unique movements for each character.
  • Fight with swords, nunchakus and katanas.
  • A captivating story told with pixel art scenes.
  • Many different enemies, each with their own moves and weapons.
  • Prepare all attacks, projectiles and traps!
  • Online high score table.
  • Secret zones and mysteries to discover.
  • Cooperative mode, with the possibility to heal each other!
  • Arcade mode to get immediately into the heart of the action.

Here’s the trailer that should pique your interest:

Another retro title from PixelHeart/Just For Games and developed by Sokaikan, we can expect to see Okinawa Rush on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam and Xbox One in Q1 2021.

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