Ogre Tale Wants To Spin A Yarn About Three Sisters

Ogre Tale is the latest from MAGES that features up to three players duking it out against Momotaro.

Coming to Steam this month, Ogre Tale – a multiplayer beat ’em up for up to three players with a very Japanese flavour.

Ogre Tale, from Degica Games and MAGES (日本語), tells the story of the three Onigashima sisters as they face off against Momotaro (Peach Boy himself?!), the villain of the piece.

Featuring both a story mode and multiplayer co-op, players can level up their character, earn items and money and develop new skills as they go along. Up to three players can join on the multiplayer side of things, but, it’s a solo venture for the story mode.

Ogre Tale - Sashimi
Anyone for sashimi? Source: Steam

Choose from one of three sisters: Ran is the middle sister armed with a sword and fire-related abilities, Hana the eldest and she’s armed with a whip and longbow, and finally, Yume is the baby of the group but don’t let that fool you as she carries a metal club and bombs.

Whomever you choose as your life partner, know that every one is a catch.

Here are some moving pictures:

Ogre Tale comes out on Steam this month – the 20th of August to be precise, and you can wishlist now if the action takes your fancy.

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