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Odysseus Kosmos And His Robot Quest
Source: PR


Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest Is An Episodic Adventure Coming To Switch

A five-episode adventure, Odysseus Kosmos And His Robot Quest is coming to the Nintendo Switch next month.

The point and click adventure will always have a home on this site, but more importantly, my hard drives. This time around it’s the micro SD card as Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

From HeroCraft, behind Under The Jolly Roger, this five-episode adventure includes ‘logic puzzles and brainteasers woven into a thrilling plot on various locations, hilarious humor that won’t leave you bored, and cool retro graphics’.

You play the Odysseus of the title – an engineer onboard a ship where the crew have left to explore some mystery. To keep him company, he has a robot – the Quest of the title. 

Odysseus Kosmos And His Robot Quest - Who will make the move
Who will make the first move? Source: PR

Together they intend to keep the ship tippety-top, but everything goes wrong. Ghosts appearing in the narrative isn’t unheard of, so you have to dash around solving puzzles and unravel this mystery.

Key features in Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest include:

  • Get ready for a brilliant sci-fi adventure in the spirit of the good old point-and-click adventures of the 90’s!
  • Experience a 5-episode adventure full of surprises and secrets!
  • Explore the ship, outer space and even… the past!
  • Immerse yourself in a sci-fi story with unexpected plot twists!
  • Make the acquaintance of witty, exciting characters!
  • Gather your courage, and make sure you’re really alone aboard the ship…
  • Become a part of the universe that was inspired by our favourite movies and games! 

Trailer! Trailer! Trailer!

Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest will be available on the Nintendo Switch from the 4th of February, priced at $11.99 / €11.19 / £10.07 now and $14.49 / €13.99 / £12.59 from the release date.

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