Ghoulies And Bumley – Not For Broadcast Live & Spooky DLC On The Horizon

We're back to Bumley (to some degree), as Patrick Bannon and the team live broadcast a supernatural show in Not For Broadcast Live & Spooky DLC.

Before cutting your teeth on CapCut, FCP or that legit copy of Premiere Pro, why not help out The National Nightly News with classic VHS cassettes, editing their upcoming live transmission in the Not For Broadcast Live & Spooky DLC, coming to PC and consoles.

Arguably the best FMV of all time (you can forget Kane and the Temple of Nod), Not For Broadcast is a satirical news editing game where you’re responsible for editing a news programme live, all the while following the guidelines set by the government, or sticking it to them, juggling powercuts and egos too. It’s honestly superb.

NotGames and tinyBuild have announced that a follow-up in the form of the Live & Spooky DLC will release soon. This time we take host Patrick Bannon on a supernatural journey, visiting a backlot that his late father owns. Fellow Brits might get whiffs of Most Haunted with Derek Acorah.

Check out the Not For Broadcast Live & Spooky DLC trailer here:

The DLC will hit digital shelves on the 23rd of March 2023 for PC, PlayStation and Xboxes. If you’re intrigued, check out the review from yesteryear.