Nordlicht Embraces The Winter With A Family Adventure

A family adventure hits the Switch today: Nordlicht as Aurora, dad and guinea pig Peter Parsley embrace the cold.

Let’s embrace the winter cold in Nordlicht – an upcoming adventure game from Deep Silver and Koch Media, shuffling it’s way on to the Nintendo Switch this millennium.

Fortunately, that release date is today, so you can assume the role of Aurora as she explores the cold North with her guinea pig Peter Parsley (no comment), and father, Rupert.

Discovering the ‘mysterious constellations of the polar night sky’, this unusual family traverse the perils thrown at them by mother nature, fused with their own fears. It’s rather marvellous to find out that this is a point and click adventure, using traditional item combinations, but also a flavour of reaction time events.

Nordlicht - Dad
Dad. Source: PR

This adventure will have players encounter icebergs, giant waves and thunderstorms as they travel in their sailboat. Marinated with ‘atmospheric music, and lovingly hand-drawn graphics make Nordlicht an unforgettable experience’. Sold.

Nordlicht is out now on the Nintendo Switch. The links will take you to the US Nintendo eShop and EU Nintendo eShop. Saves you having to type in ‘Nordlicht Nintendo Switch’. I’m nice like that.